le culte. issue two.

le culte #2

Issue 2 of Le Culte.

Includes; ‘i cannot cure my pure evil’ mixtape, features on Lissy Trullie and Janelle Monae, style profile on Kate Lanphear by Dee, an essay on armour in fashion & editorial: ‘NO FOOD! NO TALKING! NO TOUCHING!’ by Matthew & ‘The Witching Hour’ a photo editorial by Zig.

paper copies are avaliable by request! email me at whatanarcissis[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject ‘leculteissuetwo’ and your postal address. (will post worldwide. pref. for trades.)
for downloadable PDF click the thumbnail below:


secret diary of imaginary friends.


“Secret Diary..” is my first fully solo zine. it is full of fashion and music related portraits i made over summer 08. you can view my artwork on my deviant art profile: deehumidifier@deviantart.

currently it is avaliable for trade, so if you are interested in doing so,
please mail me at whatanarcissist[at]gmail[dot]com or send me a message on myspace.com/deehumidifier.

dee xx

le culte. issue one.


Le Culte is to be a new series of zines, by myself and friends. filled with fashion, art, music fun.
issue one contains work by Matthew, Zig & myself. created october08.


paper copies are avaliable by request! email me at whatanarcissis[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject ‘leculteissueone’ and your postal address. (will post worldwide. pref. for trade.)
or download a pdf copy here: LECULTEISSUEONE.PDF

issue two out late march o9.

the hand zine.


The Hand Zine was put together july 08 by myself with the help of Matthew Pierrot.
the zine was all hand-themed as you may have guessed, and included an interview with new zealand band CUT OFF YOUR HANDS, a hand themed mix, photographs,drawings& an q&a with Matthew.

the zine is out of print currently, but you are welcome to download the pdf here: THEHANDZINE.PDF

untitled zine. the the-o issue.

page1coverrrThis was my first semi solo zine, created in June 08. featuring the amazing, THEO, the incredible young and talented london based performance artist. also, an interview with Brandon Jacobs of Goodnight & I Wish & drummer of Neils Children which i and Holly Hex conducted for another project the previous year. a fun MASH game, funny stories, gig photos, a mixtape & some drawings by Matthew.

The zine is out of print, possiblY? untill i do another run, if i do another run, though please enquire if you would like a paper copy because i will just run one out for you if you are lovely enoughx.
there is also a pdf copy avaliable right here for you!: UNTITLEDZINE.PDF

the mixtape in the zine is also available for you to download exclusively here:
(click the image to download!)–soon..

hors down under. issue two.


Second issue of the fanzine dedicated to the band The Horrors. this issue was created and released december07-january08. filled with drawings and paintings, an interview with The Wahas, photographs, mixtapes & lots of fun lists!

the cover is drawn by the talented Matthew.
the zine was organised and pulled together by myself, Dee.
contributions by: Matthew, Amy, Bec, Ema, Kate, Sarah, Sophust, Trish, Lucy, Sophie, Angie and myself.


the zine is out of print, but a pdf file is avaliable to you right here!:: HORSDOWNUNDERISSUETWO.PDF (rightclick-save to download)

hors down under. issue one.

aA fanzine dedicated to the british band, The Horrors, made by various australian and new zealand residing members of The Horum (the bands forum.). The zine was released august 07, on the bands first australian tour, where the team got to meet and gift the zine to the band.

contributors include:
Electro‘, ‘Matay‘, ‘Parasite’,  ‘Deehumidifier‘, ‘Mixupwords‘, ‘TheRedTraveler‘, ‘zigwamp‘, ‘SarahXD‘, ‘Tally Hypnotic‘.

the zine was of limited print of about 40 or so, and is out of print.
you can download a PDF copy here: HORSDOWNUNDERISSUEONE.PDF

the hors have a myspace page: www.myspace.com/horsdownunder